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Natural floods, broken pipelines and overflowing washing machines could fill your home with grey or black water without giving prior warning. In such conditions, you need to take help from flood damage restoration Perth experts. At Shiny Flood Restoration Perth, you would get the best services at the lowest possible prices.

Shiny Flood Restoration have experts on hand to respond to water and flood losses in Perth. We will quickly pump out the water, dehumidify the structure, clean-up any debris, and secure and restore your belongings. You won’t have to worry about mould or odor – we’ll take care of everything.

Our team is experienced and can handle mild to severe flood damage easily. We use technically-advanced and well-maintained machines for flood cleanup. The products used for cleaning are safe for the environment and health. The booking is open online. If you are worried because of flooding, then we are just a call away.

Why is Water Damage Restoration Perth Important?

Do you feel that flood damage Perth could be controlled without professional help? If yes, then you are making a mistake. These services are very essential as they help you in many ways:

Trust us to handle these emergencies flood damage Perth properly with our top-notch training and experience!

Why Choose Shiny Flood Restoration Perth?

Our company is known for providing reliable, affordable and effective flood damage restoration Perth services. We are a customer-oriented company and ensure that everyone is satisfied with our work. Some surprising benefits offered by our company are:

Our Solutions

Flood damage restoration Perth services offered by Shiny Flood Restoration Perth are designed to revive the original state of the property after flooding. Here is a list of services that we offer to our customers:

Water Extractions

Flood Water Extraction Service

Book this service and get rid of the property damage instantly. In this service, we use machines and extract gallons of water from a place. We ensure that mould and bacteria don’t grow on the carpet or walls because of excessive water.

Carpet washing

Carpet Drying Service

Water accumulation for more than 48 hours could attract many problems. If you don’t want to face problems because of flood damage Perth, then feel free to book this service. We have devices that help us in checking the level of moisture in the carpet and other objects. We use modern dryers to evaporate the water.

Sewage backflow

Sewage Cleaning Service

Is black water coming back from your kitchen or bathroom drains? If yes, then hire our experts. They would remove the debris from the sewage pipes and ensure the smooth circulation of water. Our cleaners would remove the sewage backup and sanitise the flooded area too.

Bacteria Scrubbing

Mould Removal

Timely extermination of mould is important because it spread rapidly in moist conditions. Our team applies anti-fungal products to different things and destroys the mould.

Our water Damage Procedure

The emergency flood restoration Perth procedure followed by our experts is quite systematic and effective. The steps that we follow in the process are:



The flood damage restoration experts check the entire property and find out the reason for the water damage. Based on the severity of water damage, the experts make a customised treatment plan.

Water Extractions

Water Extraction

For quick removal of water, our experts use a water pump. This machine extracts the water from a room without taking too much time.

Intense Cleaning

Sewage backup and contaminated water could ruin the walls, furniture, carpets and other valuable products. Intense cleaning is required to remove the microbes. Steam cleaning and hot water extraction are two common methods that we frequently use to remove dirt from the carpets. We also spray deodorants and sanitisers to eliminate germs and odours.

Dehumidification And Drying


To quicken the evaporation process, the cleaners open the doors and windows. They even use artificial sources of air like blowers and dryers to dry out the wet items.

Some Useful Tips to Reduce Flood Damage

Is the weather forecasting a flood today? Then, you should start doing some preparations to reduce the potential damage:


Contact Us for Flood Damage Perth

We are a one-stop destination for business owners and house owners when it comes to flood damage restoration. We would utilise the best practices and products to clean and restore the damage. To hire our specialists on the same day, contact us today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ On Water Damage Restoration Perth

Yes, our specialists would provide you with a detailed report after inspecting the property.

The price of the service depends on different factors like the area of the property, severity of damage and cause of water damage. To get a quote, you can call us.

We use technical instruments like dryers, blowers and dehumidifiers to dry the property. 

Yes, the workers associated with our company are trained and experienced.

Yes, our company provides flood restoration Perth services on Sundays.