Flood Damage Restoration Cleaning Concordia

If the recent flood has resulted in the accumulation of water in your property, then you should book the flood damage restoration cleaning Concordia service. Undoubtedly, it is a perfect solution to all your worries. Professionals restore the flooded area and make it suitable for living.

Shiny Flood Restoration Adelaide being a leader in the industry has been providing the service for 15 years. Besides the experience of the company, we are proud to have a skilled team. Furthermore, our company offers treatments to businesses and residences.

Flooded areas could be difficult to clean because the water contains toxins and germs. Also, the risks like mould infestation and bacterial growth could hamper health. In such a situation, our experienced team handles everything with care. We use innovative and modern machines and products to restore water damage. For the assistance of customers, we have a helpful customer care team. You can give us a call on 0480091286 to get a quote or details about the service.

Flood Damage Restoration

Benefits of Flood Damage Repair & Restoration Concordia

Do you refrain from hiring experts for flood restoration? You are surely making a mistake here. You should book professional services because of the following reasons:

  • Professionals use the most suitable techniques and machines to extract the water. Also, they check the chemical composition of the products to prevent side effects.
  • You could prevent damage to property by booking the service at the right time.
  • It is easy to stay stress-free when the experts are cleaning and restoring the flood damage.
  • The report by cleaners works like proof of the damage. It makes insurance claim settlements easy.

Our Flood Damage Repair & Restoration Services

Shiny Flood Restoration has included the following three services in its portfolio. You can choose the one as per your requirement:

Water Extraction Service

Removal of water happens within a few hours when our team handles the work. We use heavy pumps to throw away the water from the property.

Sewage Cleaning

Black and contaminated water from sewage will not hamper your health because of this service. Our specialists would use the right products to clean the sewage backup.

Water-Damaged Carpet Cleaning

Worried about your flooded carpets? Hire us today and get the carpets cleaned professionally. We would use technology and expertise to bring the best results.

4-Staged Procedure of Flood Damage Restoration Concordia

Cleaning a flooded place requires lots of effort and planning. Hence, our team works in the same direction while following these steps:

Flood restoration

Property Assessment

Some aspects such as causes of water leakages, the severity of water damage and property area are determined in this step.

Sewage system cleaning

Water Removal

The surplus water in the room is removed within a few hours after flooding by experts. They use technically-advanced machines to extract water.

vacuum cleaner

Deep Cleaning

Mould removal treatment, shampooing, scrubbing, sanitisation and deodorisation are incorporated into this step. Moreover, our team ensures that every corner of the property is dry and hygienic after cleaning.

Dehumidification And Drying

Final Drying

Use of water and cleaning agents leaves some moisture in the carpets, walls and floors. Therefore, the cleaners use powerful dryers and fans to remove moisture.

Why Hire Us?

Shiny Flood Restoration is certainly a popular company in the city. We serve commercial and residential areas. When compared to others, we are better in several ways:

Unwanted Expense

Budget-Friendly Treatments

We ask for an affordable price for our services. In addition, you can get a quote for free.

Premium Quality

Because we take care of our customers, we never reduce the quality of our work.

Septic Tank Malfunction

High-Tech Cleaning and Restoration Machines

Our professionals use high-grade machines to clean and restore water damage.


Helpful and Polite

Our experienced and trained team never disappoints anyone when it comes to behaviour. We would help you with insurance claims too.

Our Flood Damage Restoration Concordia Treatments

Shiny Flood Restoration makes sure that flood restoration work is done perfectly. Hence, we use the following treatments to clean the flooded place:

  • Deodorisation

    Because the wet area stinks badly, we use deodorants to make the property smell good.

  • Sanitisation

    Germs in wet carpets and walls can be harmful to health. Because of this reason, our professionals use disinfectant solvents.

  • Sewage Cleaning

    This treatment is crafted to eliminate sewage as soon as possible. The germs, filth and odours are removed in this treatment.

  • Mould Removal

    Fungus development is indeed a cause of concern for property owners. Our experts use brushed, vacuum cleaners and anti-fungal products to deal with mould.

  • Water Removal

    This treatment involves the removal of water from the flooded region to the sewer line.

Flood Damage Restoration

What can you do Before the Flood Restoration Team Arrives?

Immediately after calling the experts, you should practice a few things. These tips would reduce the impact of flooding on your property and health.

  • You should send your loved ones to a dry and safe place.
  • Further, you can disconnect the power line.
  • Wear protective gear to prevent infections and electric shocks.
  • Before the team arrives, try to save your expensive antiques and documents.
  • Take photographs of the damaged site.

Contact Us

You can get several advantages by booking the flood damage restoration cleaning Concordia service offered by our company. To schedule an appointment and get a quote, you can contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

You don’t have to always replace the tiles because the experts can clean the tiles after flooding.

Yes, our professionals can fix the damaged floors. Firstly, we remove the water. Secondly, we remove the debris. Lastly, we use modern methods to clean the floors.

Yes, we provide the service for all kinds of commercial places such as schools, hotels, offices, factories, etc.

No. Our services are budget-friendly. Moreover, you can ask for a quote instantly from our executive.