Flood Restoration Coromandel Valley Service

Property damage and health damage are two problems that people often face because of flooding. Heavy rainfall, water leakages, and broken sewage pipes could be some of the common reasons for flooding. Once the water accumulates in a house or office, it starts causing trouble. It is crucial to get rid of the standing water as soon as possible. Wondering what can be done about the dirty water? You could always seek help from the flood damage restoration Coromandel Valley team at Shiny Flood Restoration Adelaide.

Formation of mould, bacterial growth and stains are some problems that must be resolved at the right time. Our company has access to various kinds of machines and products that we use to extract water and fix the damage done by water. The water damage restoration Coromandel Valley services could be booked online. To make the booking, you can contact us right away!

Water Damage Carpet

Services We Offer

Being a leader in the industry, our company tries to cover all the problems that people face because of flooding. Three main services offered by Shiny are as follows:

Sewage backflow

Sewage Cleaning

The black water in the sewage pipes could come backwards and spoil your surroundings. From expensive carpets to antiques, your home could become full of waste and germs within a few hours. Book this service whenever the sewage backups annoy you.

Carpet Cleaning

Water Damage Carpet Cleaning

The carpets absorb dirt, mud and waste present inside the flood water. From stains to mould, various problems arise because of excessive water. This service would help you in restoring the carpet within a few hours.

Water Extractions

Water Extraction

In order to prevent gradual damage, it is essential to extract the water from the property. Our specialists use water pumps and remove the water quickly. You can book this service and stay stress-free.

Why Choose Shiny Flood Restoration in Coromandel Valley?

If you need flood restoration Coromandel Valley service for your residence or commercial property, then you could choose us. We could provide you with some benefits:

Quick Results

You don’t have to wait for many days for water extraction and mould removal. Our professionals use modern products and equipment to get the best outcome in the quickest possible way.

Prevention of Structural Damage

Wooden flooring, sidings, windows, and paint get damaged because of water. Advanced treatments by experts could help in preventing structural damage to property.

Experienced Professionals

Our professionals have immense experience and knowledge about flood damage restoration. We could customise the cleaning plan and ensure that your property becomes clean and sanitised.

Help Related to Insurance

We have tie-ups with many insurance companies. The receipts and report provided by our company could be used as proof for setting the insurance claim.

Process of Water Damage Restoration Coromandel Valley

You would be amazed to know that we customised the treatments according to the situation, property and severity of water damage. But, the steps somehow remain the same. Have a look at them:



Our specialists inspect every corner of the property to gather the details such as property size, the intensity of the damage and cause of flooding.


Water Extraction

Water pumps are used by our professionals to remove the surplus water present inside the property.

vacuum cleaner

Thorough Cleaning

Carpets, flooring, windows, walls and every part of the house are cleaned thoroughly with help of advanced techniques and cleaning agents. Mould and stains are also eliminated at this step.

Dehumidification And Drying

Sanitisation and Odour Removal

Bacteria, viruses and many other kinds of germs surviving in the wet surroundings are destroyed with sanitiser. The musty smell is also removed with help of deodorants.

Roof damaged


The last but most important step is drying. With natural and artificial sources of air, the experts dry the flooded area completely.

What Could Cause Flooding?

There could be many reasons for water damage. Some of them are listed below:

  • Broken or Corroded Water Pipelines
  • Overspilling Washing Machines
  • Problematic HVAC System
  • Natural Disaster (Storms, Heavy Rainfall)
  • Broken Sewer Lines
  • Blocked Drains

What’s covered in Flood Restoration Coromandel Valley?/h3>

Water Extractions

Water Extraction

Get rid of the water that has invaded your home with this service. We would use electric pumps to extract the water.

Carpet washing

Carpet Cleaning

We would revive the wet and dirty carpets with help of effective methods and amazing products.

Odour Removal

Dirt and bacteria could produce a horrible smell. We use deodorants to eliminate bad smells.

mould removal

Mould Removal

This treatment helps in killing the harmful fungi that spread in the wet environment.



Our professionals use disinfectant solvents and kill unwanted pathogens and germs.



We use modern drying machines and eliminate the moisture from the carpets and other places.

Sewage Cleaning

Sewage Cleaning

In sewage clean-up, we remove the sewage water and make your property free from black water.

Contact Us!

If you are staying in Coromandel Valley, then you can get the best water damage restoration service at Shiny. Our professionals are friendly, punctual and hard-working. They would leave no stone unturned to minimise your losses because of water damage. To book the service, you can get in touch with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

We provide services at budget-friendly prices. Based on the details like the dimensions of the property and severity of flood damage, we would offer you an affordable quote.

Yes, we cover all kinds of commercial places. Schools, factories, restaurants, hotels and offices are some commercial places where we can provide the service.

Water extraction, mould removal, cleaning, sanitisation and drying are included in the water damage restoration.

Yes, you could get the service in an emergency. Just call us and schedule the booking.

No. We have access to modern and effective machines that makes the process quicker. Even the cleaning products used by our company give the best possible results.