Flood Damage Restoration Willunga South

Flood Damage Restoration

If you’re in the Adelaide area and experience water damage, don’t panic. You can count on us to help you restore your property as quickly as possible. We have a team of experienced restoration professionals who are equipped to handle all types of flooding and water damage. The water damage restoration Willunga South is a specialised service that helps in preventing the negative consequences of flooding.

Shiny flood restoration Adelaide is one of the leading service providers in Willunga South. We are known for our high-quality services and machines. We believe in ensuring 100% customer satisfaction. That’s why we are the top choice for various home owners and business owners.

Our treatments are designed in such a way that maximum issues are resolved in a short duration. We use technically-advanced equipment and fast-acting cleaning products to repair the damage done by filthy water. If you have any queries, you can always reach out to our customer care team.

Why professional service is better than diy cleaning?

Flooding, an emergency situation can’t be handled without a professional’s help. Here is how flood damage restoration Willunga South experts could help you:

  • Professionals complete the work quickly

    Cleaning and drying the flooded property could take days. But, you can’t afford to extend the duration. It is better to hire experienced cleaners as they use modern techniques that show quick results.

  • Deep cleaning of property

    Diy hacks could never deep clean a place. For proper cleaning, you need help from experts. They would use advanced methods and machines to destroy stains, microbes and mould.

  • Professionals give amazing suggestions

    By hiring the experts, you can take the advantage of their experience. They could give suggestions related to cleaning and post-cleaning care of the property.

Services we offer

The cost of recovering the damage after flooding could be high. But, you can spend a nominal amount as our fee and get rid of all the problems.


Water damage carpet cleaning

Planning to discard the water-damaged carpet? There is no need to spend money on buying a new one. You can book this treatment and increase the life of the carpet. From stains to odours, we would remove them by using the right products and methods.

Water Extractions

Water Extraction

It is a popular service that plays a major role in restoration. We remove the flood water with extraction machines and ensure that germs and dirt don’t stay on the property for long.

Sewage system cleaning

Sewage cleaning

If the sewage water is coming back via toilets and drains, then you need to book this service. We could eliminate the blockages and use various tools to clean the sewage.

Benefits of choosing our services

When it comes to pricing and quality, our company would never disappoint you. If you want hassle-free removal of water and cleaning work done, then you can choose us. Here is what we could offer you:

  • Our budget-friendly treatments

    You don’t have to spend lots of money on our solutions. Our company provides a comprehensive range of services at budget-friendly prices.

  • Available on weekends

    Now, you don’t have to tolerate flood water on weekends because we work on sundays and saturdays. Just contact us and we would be there to help you.

  • High-quality machines

    Instead of using traditional machines, we use upgraded machines for cleaning and restoring the property.

  • We help you with insurance

    If you want to lose the chance to recover the expenses with insurance, then choose our company. Our experienced team would help you with the paperwork.

Water damage restoration Willunga South procedure

A flooded property can be restored by our experts easily. We adhere to an organised process that consists of the following steps:

Flood restoration

Pre-cleaning assessment

After wearing the protective outfit, the experts enter the flooded room and inspect the property. The type of water, the intensity of damage and various other aspects are recognised in this step.

Sewage system cleaning

Water extraction from property

Before cleaning the place, it is important to extract all the flood water. That’s why the cleaners use different kinds of water pumps to extract the water.

vacuum cleaner

Thorough cleaning

Walls, stairs, wooden structures, furniture, carpets and many other things are cleaned completely in this step. Firstly, we scrub away the dirt particles. Secondly, we apply stain removal products. Lastly, we sanitise the place for killing germs.

Dehumidification And Drying

Moisture removal

Drying the place after cleaning is essential to prevent bacterial growth. That’s why our cleaners use dehumidifiers and fans to remove moisture.

Flood Damage Restoration

Preparations to be done before the cleaning team arrives

We are a customer-oriented company that tries to help people in every possible way. But, there are a few things that you can do before the team reaches your home.

  • To prevent infections and risk of serious diseases, you should send your loved ones to another location.
  • Before cleaning the place, you should take pictures of the flooded place. The photos would help in claiming insurance.
  • Electric current can flow throw water. So, make it a point to switch off the main power.
  • Wear water-proof and microbial-resistant clothes before entering the flooded place

Contact us

Water damage repair Willunga South is a useful service that could help in restoration within a few hours. If you want to book this service, then you can reach out to shiny flood restoration. To get more details about service booking, you can call us on 0480091286.

Frequently Asked Questions

The mould would grow if the water is not extracted on time. Moreover, the microbes like viruses and bacteria increase in the wet area.

Yes, our company provides services in commercial places such as schools, hotels, restaurants, etc.

You can contact us and receive a quote for the service instantly.

Damaged water appliances, broken sewage pipes and natural disasters could cause flooding.