Carpet Water Damage Canberra Service

Are you looking for an excellent company that could clean the mess created by water on the carpet? You can trust Shiny Flood Restoration Canberra. Being a leader in the industry, we make sure that all our residential and commercial clients are satisfied with our work. In our water damage carpet Canberra service, we include various treatments that are completely safe for the carpets.

Firstly, we inspect the property and ensure that the best possible products are selected while cleaning the carpets. We find the sources of water damage and help the customers in preventing the problem in future. Our team is proficient and experienced. If you want our experts to work for you, then go ahead and call us. We would send you a free quote and help you with the booking process.

Water Damage Carpet

Why Hire Professionals for Water Damage Carpet Cleaning Canberra?

Do you rely on DIYs for extracting carpet water or removing the stains? The result might not be perfect. Professional services are way better than DIYs. Here is why you should hire experts for water-damage carpet restoration:

Professional services are reliable and hassle-free. You just need to relax and the experts would clean the carpet without taking too much time.

Cleaning services actually save you money. The experts bring their products and machines. You don’t have to pay money for buying such expensive products.

Spots, odours, germs and mould are some common problems that people face because of wet carpets. But, the cleaners know how to clean the carpets thoroughly.

Advanced cleaning treatments show quick results. The experts customise the cleaning treatments and ensure the guaranteed outcome.

How Water Damages the Carpets?

If your carpet is wet for more than 48 hours, then it could become a problem for you. Water logging could damage the carpets in the following ways:

  • Standing water allows the mould to grow and spread.
  • Wet carpets release foul odours. It could be difficult for everyone to sit near the moist carpet.
  • Black and grey water have many contaminants. These impurities could make the carpet unsuitable for use.
  • Bacteria, viruses and many other microorganisms grow in a wet carpet. That’s why people fall sick when flooding takes place.

Instead of leaving the carpet moist for many days, you could hire our experts for water damage carpet drying Canberra.

Water Damage Carpet

Perks of Hiring Shiny Flood Restoration

If your carpet has faced significant damage, then there is no need to replace it. You could contact Shiny Flood Restoration and get a solution to your problem. By choosing our services, you could get the listed benefits:


Professional Experience

The team associated with our company holds several years of experience. We are an established company with over two decades of experience.


Intense Carpet Cleaning Methods

The water damage carpet would look like a new one because of our cleaning techniques. Our experts use modern ways of cleaning carpets.


Affordable Pricing

There are hidden charges. We ask for a reasonable price depending on multiple factors such as intensity of damage, source of water damage, etc.

Friendly Staff

Emergency Booking

Do you need our service within a couple of hours? Contact us immediately and get the cleaning done on the same day.

How do We Clean the Water-Damaged Carpets?

Water damage carpet Canberra is a specialised service that we offer to both commercial and residential property owners. We believe in renovating filthy carpets in such a manner that the owners don’t feel the urge to discard or replace the carpet. Our cleaning procedure includes the following steps:

ReconstructionIn the first step, we assess the position of the carpet. We find out the source of water, the severity of damage and many other important details.

AssessmentBased on the details collected in the inspection phase, we make a customised cleaning treatment plan.

Water ExtractionsThe cleaners start the cleaning procedure by removing the dirty water from the carpet. At Shiny, we have provided water extraction machines to our cleaners. They make use of the machines and remove the water quickly.

steam cleaningTo clean the stains and dirt patches, the experts use cleaning methods like dry cleaning, steam cleaning and hot water extraction.

Mould RemovalTo remove the mould from the carpet, the experts use scraping tools and anti-fungal products.

disinfectantWet carpets have many germs. That’s why professionals use disinfectant solutions to sterilise carpets.

Carpet DryingLastly, the cleaner dry the carpet. For water damage carpet drying Canberra, the specialists use industrial-grade drying machines.

Carpet Water Damage Canberra for Commercial Places

Business owners often find it hard to maintain carpet cleanliness on huge premises. The problem could increase because of water damage. If you are facing difficulties in cleaning the carpets flooded in sewage water or flood water, then you can connect with Shiny Flood Restoration. We would provide a wide range of treatments to all the commercial places like schools, hotels, hospitals, restaurants, factories, etc.

Water Damage Carpet


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Our Water Damage Equipment

As a professional water damage restoration company, we use some of the best equipment in the industry to help our customers get their homes and businesses back to normal after a water disaster.


Industrial Grade Dehumidifiers

These powerful machines are essential for removing excess moisture from the air and helping to prevent mold growth.

Air Movers

High-Performance Air Movers

These fans help circulate air and speed up the drying process.

Water Sensors

Water Sensors

These sensors help us detect hidden pockets of water, so that we can dry them completely and prevent further damage.

Thermal Image

Thermal Imaging Cameras

These cameras help us locate hidden sources of water, so that we can address them immediately.

carpet extractors

Commercial Grade Carpet Extractors

These extractors remove water from carpets and upholstery, helping to prevent further damage.

Cleaning Solutions

Industrial Strength Cleaning Solutions

These solutions disinfect and clean surfaces affected by water damage.

Moisture Meters

Moisture Meters

These meters help us measure the amount of moisture in a given area, so that we can determine the best course of action for drying it out completely.

Drying chambers

Drying Chambers

These chambers provide a controlled environment for drying out wet materials, so that they can be used again or disposed of safely.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, we offer the services on weekends. For more details, feel free to contact us.

We have a team of skilled workers that works follow a customised plan for cleaning the carpets. They choose the carpet cleaning treatments and pull out the grime, debris, stains and germs from the carpets.

As soon as you notice the flooding, seek help from experts. Timely cleaning of the carpet could be beneficial in preventing further damage.

Our team tries to clean the water-damaged carpets as soon as possible. But, the duration of the process increases when the damage is too severe or the number of carpets is high.