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Water Extraction Service Canberra

Water flooding inside an office or house could create panic among people. From beautiful carpets to furniture, everything becomes wet and dirty after flooding. The water that makes the carpet wet could be categorised as black, grey and clean. Different types of water could come on the carpet in many ways. Broken or overspilling washing machines, heavy rainfall and many other reasons could be there behind water logging. To make such situation a bit manageable for the property owners, our company provides emergency water extraction Canberra..

Water extraction allows the cleaners to revive the carpets and other things kept in a property. Our professionals know various ways of water extraction and ensure that customers don’t fall sick because of dirty water. If you want to book our water extraction service Canberra, then you connect with our executive.

Different Types of Water

Before understanding the procedure of water removal, it is crucial to understand the different types of water. The damage done by different water is different. Even the level of toxicity is different for different water.

Clean Water

It is pure water that does not contain unnecessary dirt or toxins. You could find such water on the carpet when the tap leaks or the water pipelines burst.

Grey Water

If you ever notice problems in your dishwashers or washing machines, then get them fixed immediately. The damaged appliances could result in water logging. Grey water contains harsh chemicals and dirt. So, it is necessary to hire carpet water extraction Canberra experts for a complete solution.

Black Water

The water that comes back from sewage pipelines and blocked gutters could be the worst type of water. Black water has high toxicity and contains lots of germs and pathogens. This water should not stay on the carpet for a long time because it could have a negative impact on health.

Advantages of Water Extraction Canberra Services

Both health and wealth get affected because of water logging. But, professional services could come to your rescue. The benefits offered by water extraction services are as follows:

Water Extraction

Why Choose Us?

Want to get rid of the water that has been causing harm to your carpets and other important items? Don’t panic and ask the experts at Shiny Flood Restoration Canberra to remove the surplus water from your home and office. Here is why you could choose us for water extraction:

Experience Industry Experience

Our professionals have more than 15 years of experience in the industry. Our cleaners know the best practices and resolve multiple problems with ease.

Unwanted Expense Amazing Service at a Low Price

The price of the service is not too high. We ask for a reasonable price and maintain the quality of the services.

Septic Tank Malfunction Modern Machine

To extract lots of water from an area, we use machines. Instead of relying on traditional methods, we take help from technology.

technician Customer Satisfaction

We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. From making customised plans to cleaning the carpets after water extraction, our professionals could do it all to ensure the client’s happiness.

Emergency Water Extraction Canberra Procedure

Professional water extraction is a complicated task. The experts have to pay attention to many small things in order to achieve the best result. At Shiny Flood Restoration, we follow an organised process that consists of the following steps:


Property Assessment

In the beginning, the experts inspect the damage done by water. The cleaners wear gloves, boots and safety outfits before coming in contact with the dirty water. Our team finds the reason for water damage and ensures that water extraction is done in a planned manner.

Flood restoration

Waste Removal

Sometimes, lots of solid waste gets accumulated in a room. The experts remove the waste with help of shovels and other equipment. This makes water extraction easy.

Water Extractions

Water Extraction

The experts set up their machines and start removing the water from the property. They know how to dispose of the water to ensure that the health does not suffer from contaminated water.

Hire Us for Commercial Water Extraction in Canberra

Are you worried because of the flooding that took place yesterday? Have your carpets becomes filthy because of sewage water? No matter how big your commercial complex is, our water extraction Canberra professionals would extract the water with relevant machines. Our company has been offering a wide range of cleaning and restoration services for many years. We reach commercial places like schools, offices, hospitals, hotels and factories to revive the carpets after waterlogging. The package is quite affordable. Don’t think too much. Call us right away and save some money and time.

Shiny Flood Restoration

Get the Service on the Same Day in Canberra

It is not easy to stay calm in a flood emergency. The flood water could cause severe destruction to property and personal belongings. Carpets look black and unhygienic because of sewage water. The odours and stains left by the water could be unbearable. To deal with such emergency condition, you might seek help from Shiny Flood Restoration Canberra. Our water extraction service Canberra has helped people in preventing the need for carpet replacement.

Contact Us for Water Extraction Service Canberra

Book our carpet water extraction service and use the same carpet for several years even after flooding. We have practical knowledge of various advanced water extraction techniques. Our professionals would utilise them and save your carpets from harm. We accept online bookings. The option is open 24x7. You can either call us or send us a message on the contact form to know more about the service.


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Our Water Damage Equipment

As a professional water damage restoration company, we use some of the best equipment in the industry to help our customers get their homes and businesses back to normal after a water disaster.


Industrial Grade Dehumidifiers

These powerful machines are essential for removing excess moisture from the air and helping to prevent mold growth.

Air Movers

High-Performance Air Movers

These fans help circulate air and speed up the drying process.

Water Sensors

Water Sensors

These sensors help us detect hidden pockets of water, so that we can dry them completely and prevent further damage.

Thermal Image

Thermal Imaging Cameras

These cameras help us locate hidden sources of water, so that we can address them immediately.

carpet extractors

Commercial Grade Carpet Extractors

These extractors remove water from carpets and upholstery, helping to prevent further damage.

Cleaning Solutions

Industrial Strength Cleaning Solutions

These solutions disinfect and clean surfaces affected by water damage.

Moisture Meters

Moisture Meters

These meters help us measure the amount of moisture in a given area, so that we can determine the best course of action for drying it out completely.

Drying chambers

Drying Chambers

These chambers provide a controlled environment for drying out wet materials, so that they can be used again or disposed of safely.

Frequently Ask Questions

With Shiny, you’ll be able to remove water from your carpet quickly and efficiently. Our experienced technicians use state-of-the-art equipment to extract water from carpets. This helps to prevent long-term damage and mold growth, reducing the risk of costly repairs in the future. We are also committed to customer satisfaction and will work with you to make sure the job is done right. So don’t wait any longer and let us help you get rid of that pesky water in your carpets!

Yes, you can do carpet water extraction by yourself. It is important to take safety measures and use the right equipment to avoid damaging your carpets. We recommend having a portable extractor or other wet vacuum for optimal results. Our services provide high-quality equipment and professional advice so you can achieve the best possible outcome from your carpet water extraction project.

It all depends on the type of cleaning you get done. Generally, if you are using steam or hot water extraction, your carpets should be dry within 12-24 hours. Dry cleaning should take a bit less time and typically will have your carpets dry in 1-2 hours. The best way to make sure is to ask your cleaner for an estimate before they begin the job.

Shiny’s team of professionals are here to help you remove those old, stubborn water stains from your carpet. Our tried and tested method requires using a vacuum cleaner to extract the dirt, then applying a cleaning solution with a spray bottle until the stain is completely gone. Once this is done, simply dry the area with a clean cloth and your carpet will look good as new!

Shiny has got you covered! Our team of professionals can help you remove the water smell from your carpet and make it look fresh again. We use a special cleaning solution to tackle this issue, so the odour doesn’t come back. With our services, you don’t have to worry about the smell lingering any longer! Contact us today and get your carpet smelling good as new!